Blog article headlines, sales page headlines and social media headlines. Are you struggling to write any of these?

Headlines are my wheelhouse! Nothing gives me more pleasure than writing a mind-blowing headline and kicking off a maelstrom of opens, shares, sales, upsells and cross-sells.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to get prospects in the front door and to your lead magnet, irresistible headlines are the solution. As a matter of fact, if you get this right, you can take your headline-writing expertise into PPC campaigns, email marketing and more.

If your headlines don’t cause rapid reading, your business is in big trouble. But, if you can devise headlines that make people stop what they’re doing and stand at attention, you’ve won half the battle!

5 Headline Building Blocks and 50+ Samples

Here are five ironclad building blocks to writing attention-grabbing headlines for blog articles, social media ads or even sales pages.

  1. Ask a question
  • Will the latest Facebook algorithm changes destroy your online business?
  • Should you get a flu shot this year? Read these 10 astonishing facts and decide
  • How do multi-millionaire marketers grow their email lists? Get the inside scoop from A-list entrepreneurs
  • Thinking about homeschooling your kids? Before you do anything, read these 5 surprising facts
  • How much should you be spending on Facebook advertising? A-list business owners tell all
  • Love social media? Make a ridiculous income simply by surfing the sites
  • Is a little-known mushroom the answer to winning the war on Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Is saw palmetto the wonder herb that people really think it is?
  • Want to reach SEO nirvana? A Google titan tells you exactly what to do…

2. Make your headline benefit-driven

  • Literary agents will devour your manuscript if you follow these 5 tips
  • Land a 6-figure book deal – using only Twitter
  • Earn a 6-figure income as a Social Media Manager
  • Debt-free in 3 easy steps: Get out of the red and on with the good life
  • You can’t go wrong with these 5 family-friendly destinations
  • Learn Adobe Creative Suite without spending a dime; Access 20 free, award-winning tutorials
  • Make your social media engagement soar with an Instagram challenge. Get the how-to…
  • DIY PR tips for small business owners
  • Create your own Brand Kit for just $1
  • 12 time savers for frequent flyers
  • 5 social media shortcuts that will land you in front of every major media outlet
  • No time to create slick infographics? Download these 5 free templates

3. Provoke thought. Arouse curiosity.

  • So the shark tank deal went south? This tip will make you money faster than any JV
  • This online tool helped me earn 6-figures in just 4 weeks
  • For maximum profits online, entrepreneurs engage in these 3 activities daily
  • So you want to build a start-up? Don’t forget these 9 essential tools
  • Which business skill contributes to fiscal success more than any other?
  • Here’s the real reason the scale isn’t budging?
  • Avoid these engagement disasters. Boost online involvement using these smart tactics.
  • Are you closing 7-10 sales per week? You can, with this low-cost Facebook strategy
  • Watch and learn: the top 10 TV shows that entrepreneurs watch religiously
  • The most brilliant sales trick you’ve never heard of
  • What’s the one book in every successful leader’s library?

4. Start with the words “how to:”

  • How to go from 50-hour corporate slave to 4-hour, 7-figure-generating freelancer
  • How to fold a fitted sheet in just 10 seconds flat
  • How to decide if homeschooling is right for your family
  • How to use social media to monetize your hobby
  • How to blow past the gatekeeper and go straight to the CEO
  • How to run a successful online contest & quadruple social media engagement
  • How to score a date with the real-life Christian Grey
  • How to write wedding vows that will bring your guests to their knees
  • How to brainstorm 30 headlines in 60 seconds flat
  • How to increase your Facebook followers without pricey PPC ads

5. Use numbers

  • 10 ways to get ahead without working longer hours
  • To find your next killer product idea, ask yourself these 5 vital questions
  • 3 tricks to triple your opt-in subscribers in just 10 days
  • Get thousands of people to share your products using this 1 legit method of mind control
  • Racking your brain for the right tag line? Make sure it contains these 3 components
  • 8 free online courses to help you master WordPress once and for all
  • The 10 basic commandments of captivating infographic design
  • 4 scientifically proven ways to land the business deal of your dreams
  • 6 power phrases to get what you want at the negotiation table
  • Grow a 5, 6 or even 7-figure business by giving away FREE, safe, fast-acting compound pain relief creams

Remember: the headline dictates whether or not your blog articles and sales letters get read and consumed. Using these building blocks as your guide, practice by writing down at least 30 headlines (rapidly and with whatever comes to mind about your topic) before choosing the right one for your article or sales page.