With 1.5 billion people on Facebook, PPC just got real. Use this tip sheet to reach your customers and convert like whoa!

Rake in $50,000 a month with nothing but pay per click ads? Yes you can. Say goodbye to cold calling, warm calling and endless phone prospecting for GOOD. In fact, go ahead and disconnect the phone. Cancel that pricey billboard space, direct mailing and plans to augment your sales force. And, don’t even think about wasting money on magazine or radio ads. Why would you even consider spending $25,000 on a magazine ad or radio spot when you can target the same audience on Facebook for as little as $10 a day?

PPC and social media is an explosive combination. With 1.5 billion users and access to a virtual Fort Knox vault of customer data, ignoring Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing could be your biggest mistake.

So, why are many small business owners hesitant to get on board? To the novice user, Facebook PPC may appear complex, intimidating or downright stressful. But with these five fast-start tips for planning an ad campaign, you’ll be able to hit the ground running in Facebook’s Ad Manager and quickly put your mind at ease:

  1. Think about your objective. All ad campaigns begin with an objective in mind and Facebook is no different. In Facebook, you actually select the direction you want your campaign to take, using one of its default, self-explanatory categories. Examples of default objectives within the tool include: clicks to your website, page post engagement, page likes, website conversions, and more. Hint: if your goal is to drive website conversions or sales, choose a Page post link ad.
  2. Think about your budget. Start out small and then increase your ad spend as your company grows and attracts a larger audience. Ten dollars a day is a good number to start with.
  3. News feed or right-side ad placement? Ads that appear in the news feed have a higher click-through rate, conversion rate and are the only type that appears on mobile devices (big bonus). As such, you should allocate at least half your Facebook ad budget to news feed placements.
  4. Think about your demographics. Here’s where the fun begins. With Facebook’s highly sophisticated demographic targeting features, reaching your niche or micro niche has never been easier. Relationship status, education, work, financial, home, ethnic affinity, politics and life events are all fair game for targeting – and Facebook puts all of that invaluable information at your fingertips.
  5. Think about geography. Local businesses and even ecommerce businesses and national brands that sell seasonal or regional products will find value in using Facebook’s location information to target countries, states, cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods.

The power of PPC combined with the power of Facebook presents an incredible and low-cost opportunity for your business. Use these quick-start tips to strategize exactly who your audience is and then put your business in front of people who are hot for what you have to offer. Curious about how it all works? When you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels with direct mail and endless phone prospecting, contact me and I’ll show you an easier, cheaper, lightening-fast path to obscene profits.