“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy…unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.” — David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man

You have mere seconds to grab your online audience’s attention. All you need are some riveting keywords and key phrases so your customers can clearly understand – and feel – the value of your product, message or offer. But many advertisers become paralyzed with fear when it comes to writing a Facebook ad’s most critical game-changer: the headline.

Fortunately, you can hypnotize your Facebook audience at the snap of your fingers when you (1) know your audience and (2) know the subtle, yet powerful triggers that compel a viewer to not only read a headline, but also click the ad’s link – without hesitation or second-guessing.

Facebook can be a noisy place, rampant with bland, lifeless, even DESPERATE ads. Rise above the textual clutter with these simple headline tactics and prepare for a stampede of click-through traffic to your web site, online store or Facebook business page:

  1. Infuse your headline with emotion. Use attention-grabbing words that arouse the right sentiments, positive images and desire for your product or service.

Imagine Your Life Debt-Free

Cure Social Anxiety for Good

When you write a headline that addresses a deep-seeded emotion of your audience (you hate your debt, social awkwardness, boss, job, etc.) rather than a desperate headline that screams “I’m an ad” (for example: Make Money Online), you can virtually eliminate the chance of your ad being ignored or outright rejected.

  1. Make your audience an offer they can’t refuse. Give them a strong, compelling promise or solution to their discomfort, problem or concern.

No More Back to School Stress

Public Speaking Nerves Cured

Automate Profits in 3 Steps

  1. Pose a question. Questions are a powerful way to engage your audience. Why? Because whenever you pose a question, the brain is compelled to contemplate and answer it.

Does Your Boss Drive You Nuts?

Stuck In A Dead-End Job?

  1. Arouse curiosity. The cliffhanger is a great psychological device that can be used to activate your readers’ sense of anticipation, urging them to read on and click through.

Give Yourself a Raise

Ask for (and Get) the Job

The cliffhanger here is discovering how to achieve these desirable outcomes. How do I give myself a raise? How can I learn to ask for and obtain my dream job?

  1. Empower your audience to DO something. This means using the imperative mood (an understood “you” focus), which implicitly commands, motivates or prompts the reader to take action. This grammatical mood assumes that the subject is you (the reader) and ends with the object of the action. Here’s how it works for the Headline “Quit Your Dead-End Job.”
Verb Quit
Question Quit what?
Answer (Object) Your dead-end job
Headline Quit Your Dead-End Job

I’ll repeat: If your headings don’t sell your product, you’ve wasted 90% of your money. If they don’t call to the real desires of your target audience, you’re just chasing your tail. By using these simple, yet powerfully effective headline-writing weapons, you’ll hit your audience’s hot buttons and unleash a landslide of click-through traffic.

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