Words are my business, my passion and my playground! I know that I’ll have a blast writing for you, and I want to ensure that you’ll have the absolute best experience working with me, too. To guarantee a successful project outcome, I’ve put together some of the questions that prospective clients ask me most frequently.

Do you offer copywriting packages rather than hourly work?

Yes! Most clients prefer a “one and done” all-inclusive approach to their deliverables, and I’ve designed my copywriting packages with that concern in mind. Contact me to obtain an estimate for your project.

I need ongoing help for online content updates, including social media posts and emails. Do you offer any monthly support packages?

Yes! I offer basic and comprehensive-level monthly support packages starting at $397. The full support packages cover just about everything you could need for rapid-response email marketing, as well as smaller packages that will keep your social content up to date without you ever having to worry.

How will my business benefit from working with a professional copywriter?

Words are the primary sales driver on the page. Plus, they’re the first thing your audience sees. Until your website text convinces your audience to take action, there will be no clicking, buying, registering, ordering or subscribing. Sure, slick graphics and “bells and whistles” are cool, but web copy does all of the selling. Before you even think about how to drive traffic to your website, make sure you have the right words — the most tantalizingly persuasive words — on the page. A professional copywriter can help with that.

If I want to work with you, what are your expectations of me?

Over the years and through the course of hundreds of projects, I’ve uncovered the secret to project success: prompt, upfront, clear communication. Secondly: understanding impacts to scheduling. Any mid-project changes to scope, or failure to meet a critical milestone may delay delivery of the final product. If for some reason you’re unable to review and approve copy/content, photos, etc. by the scheduled time, it will likely impact the delivery of your project. It also may result in the delay of your work to the following week or even later. And that can affect your formal launch date. When you send me an email, you can count on me to get back to you the same day with a response. Prompt responses from you will also help keep the project running smoothly toward an on-time, on-budget completion.

How do you communicate with clients?

My preferred communication vehicle is email. Also, I rely on Skype calls when required, but generally email works best.

Do I need to pay a deposit up front or do I pay at the end of the project?

For all copywriting packages, I require a 50%, non-refundable initial payment up front to cover my initial costs, planning, research and time investment, with the remaining 50% to be paid at the satisfactory completion of the project. All monthly support packages require 100% pre-payment and are non-refundable.

What if I want more changes after we’ve already finished the project, or I change my mind about my product/service focus part way through the project?

My copywriting services include two rounds of edits, with additional rounds of edits available for purchase in one-hour increments at my regular hourly rate. If the project is 100% completed and you decide on a new focus, I would then work on an hourly basis to get your copy to where it reflects your new vision.

What do I need to get started?
For copywriting work, I have a few standard questions that I’ll ask you to answer about your objectives, audience and product/service. For social media management, you’ll need a Facebook business page (i.e., a “Like” page – NOT a personal page), Twitter account and/or any other social property you’d like my assistance with.

Still have questions? Please contact me personally.