Keep Your Customer Connections Alive, Powerful and Profitable 

Has your stay-connected-to-customers strategy fallen flat?

Does trying to find the right words to captivate your email subscribers exhaust you?

Do you struggle with writing irresistible subject lines and openers?

Many businesses fail for either a lack of keep-in-touch marketing strategy or a poorly designed one. Either they repel their subscribers by sending them too much content (or never email them at all) OR ineffective, poorly written content, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

By offering content that is relevant, interesting, current and valuable, email marketing can build audience trust, helping to simplify and expedite the sales process. When you create a personal connection with and value for your subscribers on a consistent basis, those actions turn leads into opportunities and opportunities into clients. For that reason alone, email marketing can take you further – faster – than your website alone ever could.

Through the use of email newsletters, helpful tips and techniques, product offerings, and special announcements, I’ll help you cultivate unbreakable relationships with your audience, the result of which can:


Improve sales and ease customers toward additional or higher-priced offers.


Ignite repeat purchases and referrals.


Position yourself as an authority in your industry.


Send readers to your website in record-breaking numbers.


Spark viral marketing, as your subscribers willingly forward your emails to friends.

The quality of the relationships you have with people in your email database is directly proportional to the financial success of your business. If you haven’t been using email to keep your customer connections alive, powerful and profitable, then…

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