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Create a Massive Online Movement with Social Media Marketing

When your social media followers repost your content, share it with friends or talk about it online, those actions create a landslide effect in brand visibility and audience reach. When your content is that compelling, your fans will voluntarily do your marketing for you! Amazing.

But, social media marketing — and using it successfully as a sales strategy — requires three things: a plan, riveting content (posted daily) and TIME.

As your copywriter, I create your social media calendar and marketing content for you, giving you back precious hours, while helping to increase the chance of sales conversion.

I can help you get measurable value out of your social media properties by:


Creating Facebook ads that propel prospects to your website or sales page


Building a faithful customer community through social media posts that are personal, current, relevant and highly valuable to viewers.


Solidifying your brand identity through the bold expression of your values, vision and customer commitment .


Creating your pre-launch, holiday and special promotions, as well as contests and giveaways that viewers don’t want to miss out on.

Want to use your social media properties to have positive interactions with customers, up your likability factor and create a powerful online movement? Fill out my Contact form today and I’ll help you get the traction you’ve been longing for.

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